At JTC we've discovered that most of our customers need help protecting there space - business and personal. We can help! We now install and service video camera systems. Let us help you protect your connections, systems and property.


VOIP technology offers you a vast array of features unavailable in a traditional system. If you have multiple office locations you can support all your phones off of one system. You can also merge your telecommunications department with your IT department. You can move phones by simply unplugging them from one location and then plugging them into another - as long as there is an internet connection. These solutions work whether you are moving from one side of the office to another or if you are moving from the New York office to the London office.

JTC Communications installs and services all major brands of phone systems, both traditional and VOIP, including Avaya and NEC.


Once you chosen your phone system and IT network design, your next task is to make sure that all your devices, including phone sets, fax machines, computer terminals, network printers and copiers, are tied in properly. This is where cabling or structured cabling comes into play.

Typically, the primary systems (phone systems, computer servers, etc.) will be located in one room, usually called the Telco room or Server room. Between the main systems the user device cables will be installed. Usually done behind walls, you want to do this once and do it right. The most common cable used today is Category 5e or 6e cable. Cable categories refer to the amount of bandwidth a cable can support. The highest level cable available today is Category 6, which is rated to carry a 200 Mhz of bandwidth. That’s a lot of bandwidth. Category 6 comes at a premium, of course, and a Cat 6 installation can cost 30% more than a Cat 5e installation.


Remember those dropped calls. How frustrating! But even worse, could mean lost business - $$. JTC can help with cell phone signal boosters. We can help you implement your entire network infrastructure. Including wiring, fiber optic cable, mounting racks, connect switches and routers. We also provide loudspeaker paging systems and video surveillance systems.